Since launching in 2004 the qualities of innovation, collaboration and creativity have led Portland to be one of the UK's most trusted independent Civil & Structural engineering consultancies.
We have forged a proud reputation for consistently delivering high quality engineering services at a reasonable cost to our clients. Whilst we are reputed for having an ability to think outside the box to provide engineering solutions, when it comes to dealing with people our approach is much more conventional.

Our Core Values

Professional Bodies & Organisations

Quality Assurance

The company is dedicated to the delivery product and service and has a Quality Management System which meets the requirements of ISO 9001

Client Care Policy

Client satisfaction is central to all of our services. The company endeavours to ensure that our client is treated as the most important person in the process of any appointment undertaken by the Company. Our commitment to quality will permeate every aspect of our performance and delivery of service. All information received by Portland Consulting Engineers in the course of its work with clients will be treated in the strictest confidence, and will not be divulged to any third party unless with the expressed wishes of the client, or where we are required to do so by law.

Health & Safety

The company is fully conversant with recent changes in Health and Safety legislation in the Building Industry and all personnel work within the framework laid down. All of our employees are competent under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 to fulfill the roles of ‘Designer’. Read More…

Continuing Professional Development

The company abides by the requirements of our Professional Institutions to ensure that our personnel are fully prepared with the relevant expertise to undertake their particular role. In addition, personnel reviews take place every six months to monitor progress and determine further development. Our staff are encouraged to join their relevant professional body and further their academic careers whenever possible.