Wynyard Park

Project Summary

Residential development of 243 high-quality homes comprising a mixture of 2-, 3- & 4-bedroom homes.

The site with an approximate site area of 11 hectares formed a development cell as part of the wider masterplan developed for Wynyard Park Ltd.  Access to the land in question was a proposed spine road designed by others.  In addition, the main infrastructure designers provided a connection to a foul sewer in the spine road and a connection to a surface water pond.

Our Approach

Portland Consulting were appointed to deal with all aspects of drainage, highways and proposed levels across the site.  From planning stage work which included flood risk assessment (FRA) and drainage strategy reports, through to the detailed design of the infrastructure and plot works.  The later works encompassing the Section 38 technical approvals from Hartlepool Highways authority and the S104 technical approvals from NWL

Initially the scheme was assessed with regards to site levels in relation to the existing drainage infrastructure which had been designed by others to assist in draining the site.  The purpose of this initial exercise was to identify what proportion of the site could drain to the foul sewer by gravity and to the pond.   This exercise identified the following:

  • One third of the site could not drain by gravity to the foul sewer provided without significant altering
    • A suggested location and layout for a foul water pumping station was drafted and agreed with the client and the site layout subsequently revised to accommodate.
    • One third of the site could not drain by gravity to the pond provided without significant altering of ground levels. Calculations were produced to allow a detention basin to be sized and a suggested location was drafted and agreed with the client. The site layout was subsequently revised to accommodate this SuDS feature.

    The next element that was considered was the flood risk associated with the proposed development. Although the site was not at risk from river or sea flooding surface water was identified to pose a risk, mitigation measures were detailed and written within the FRA as described below.

    • Due to the open nature, farmers fields, and existing topography of the land to the north and west of the site boundaries a risk of surface water posed a risk to the new homes proposed within the site.
    • Although the land would be developed at a point in the future it was necessary to provide mitigation/protection from this predicted surface water runoff


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