South Shields Town Hall & Civic Offices

Project Summary

The modernisation and complete refurbishment of the three main council buildings; the Old Town Hall, the Beach Road Annex and the Broughton Road Annex.

The aim was to refurbish the existing space to create a bright, open working environment, suitable for accommodating various teams and services.

Our Approach

The project comprised the modernisation and refurbishment of the three blocks which make up the town hall complex. The primary purpose was to create a flagship municipal centre featuring high quality materials with a long life expectancy while optimising running costs. The works were phased to allow the staff to be decanted and relocated as works progressed in each block.

The complex was made up of three adjoining buildings located in the centre of South Shields which created logistical challenges to be considered in the design:
• Reinforced concrete framed administrative annex constructed in the 1960s
• Steel framed annex constructed in the 1980s
• Edwardian Grade II listed town hall including council chambers

Detailed surveys and inspections facilitated by intrusive investigations were undertaken by Portland in advance of the site works to inform the structural designs and to allow accurate details to be developed ahead of the works. This resulted in less time on site as details had
been developed.

Portland also designed temporary works, propping and shoring to facilitate the various site operations and also liaised with various bodies such as Highways. Modern, bright open plan working environments were created to accommodate the various working teams and services that the town hall houses.


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