Jaguar Land Rover Dealerships

Project Summary

New build dealerships and workshop facilities based on JLR’s ‘same site dual brand’ format.

New dealerships including sales areas, drive-through lanes, workshops and parts storage. The projects were constructed on sites ranging from 1.6 to 2.5 hectares and include extensive forecourt and service areas, with standalone valet bays.

Our Approach

Despite the apparent visual similarities each dealership had its own unique characteristics resulting in bespoke adjustments being needed to our optimised standard design. For instance, Derby was constructed on a zone 3 flood area requiring a sequential test to justify the construction of the building on that site. The building also had a large administration area to accommodate group staff as well as the dealership functions.

The designs involved liaising with the Architects, Client, M&E designers and Contractors. In addition, several workshop equipment suppliers had specific requirements to be incorporated into the civil and structural designs.

Each building was split into three discrete areas, each with individual structural challenges: sales areas, drive-throughs and workshops. The workshops and drive-throughs all had height constraints and required slender, structurally efficient frame solution to ensure sufficient internal clear height was provided for vehicles on lifts while also complying with constraints of the external building heights.

Extensive earthworks modelling exercises were undertaken on all sites to provide  commercial bulk earthworks designs with minimal retaining structures while still providing shallow gradients suitable for a retail setting.

The unique challenges specific to the sites were:

York – Public sewer diversions, highway stopping up and relic buried structures remaining from the demolition of the previous buildings.

Derby – Zone 3 flood area requiring a sequential test and detailed flood evacuation plan, in addition a detailed negotiation was required with the Environment Agency to ensure that overland flood routes were maintained. A strategic public sewer running under the building resulted in elements of the structure being demountable to allow emergency access for Severn Trent Water.

Norwich – Former agricultural land with several mature oak trees to be retained and incorporated into the site without altering levels. The site was also part of a wider estate development with a design guide to be adhered to.

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