Haydon Bridge High School

Project Summary

The reinvigoration of an existing 1960’s school into a modern campus through the reorganisation of external spaces and amendments to the internal layouts

Briefing sessions identified reorganization of the facilities was required to ensure operation of the facility became more efficient. This began on entry into the grounds and extended to internal movements within the grounds.

Our Approach

A significant building surveying exercise was undertaken to front load the design, ensuring abortive work was minimised, allowing the target dates in relation to the summer holiday working to be achieved. These surveys included intrusive investigations to allow existing structural configuration to be established.

Works included:

  • Provision of a dedicated bus drop-off/collection area utilising a safer, one-way system. Eliminating reverse gear manoeuvres associated with the previous area
  • Provision of increased staff parking, eliminating vehicles entering the school grounds, releasing valuable space for outdoor activity use.
  • Creating a secure area within the grounds by creating a focused visitor boulevard to the reception, removing ambiguity as to where vehicular traffic was allowed to enter.
  • Reorganisation of the internal layouts allowed for the creation of a new sixth-form area and vocational training centre to be created.
  • Thermal efficiency was improved by refreshing the external facades while also improving the building aesthetics
  • Community use and engagement was improved with the provision of new MUGAs (Multi-Use Game Areas) which along with the vocational centre was made accessible to the community outside of school hours.


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