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Project Summary

Speculative Development comprising 60,000ft2 of industrial space on a brownfield site

The project regenerated the site of the former Scholle and Saia-Burgess manufacturing plants which occupied the sloping site.   The site was plateaued and split with an extensive retaining wall, three units were developed on the top plateau with the lower plateau being prepared for the future occupation by MAN Truck & Bus and Express Engineering.

Our Approach

Portland was involved from the project inception and, due to the levels difference across the site, undertook an extensive options study to ensure the site layout was optimised in relation to the topography.   This involved several iterations of the site layout and a feasibility study for the 200m long retaining wall which split the site to provide the development plateaus.

This project comprised the regeneration of the 5 hectare site which was the former location of the Scholle and Saia-Burgess manufacturing plants.  Three speculative industrial units totaling 60,000ft2 were constructed along with a spine wall to enable the site to be plateaued and provide development platforms.

The site has a 6m level difference and therefore various options were reviewed to maximise the development land on the site, this included several iterations of the site layout and a study into the most appropriate retaining wall type based on cost and space requirements

To maximise the development potential, it was elected to incorporate the wall into the substructures of the buildings on the higher plateau.  This allowed a vertical face to be achieved that optimised the space on the lower level.  Extensive earthworks calculations were undertaken to ensure that the upper and lower levels of the site were set at an appropriate level that minimised the height of the retaining wall running down the spine of the site.

Portland undertook the design of all civil and structural elements of the project and provided reinforced concrete detailing services to the Contractor.


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