Baltic Park Saltmeadows Road

Project Summary

A speculative development comprising 100,000ft2 of industrial and logistics space on a brownfield site.

International developer, Langley Holdings PLC regenerated the site of the former Alhusen Chemical Works which previously manufactured Alkali.  As such the site was contaminated with a by-product ‘Galigu’ and required an extensive remediation strategy.  Eleven units were developed as two terraces and three standalone buildings ranging from 2,000ft2 to 50,000ft2.

Our Approach

Portland was involved from the project inception and worked closely with the Ground Investigation specialist to devise a comprehensive investigation strategy to ensure the risk posed by the contamination was fully quantified.  The requirements of the ‘market’ were also researched to ensure that the marketability of the buildings was maximised by providing clear spans of up to 55m and high eaves heights.

The project comprised the regeneration of 5 hectares of the former Alhusen Chemical Works which dominated the Saltmeadows road area in the 20th Century.

Alkali was the main product of the works and a by-product of the process was ‘Galigu’, a material comprising hydrogen chloride and calcium sulphide with the potential to cause burns.

An extensive ground investigation was devised to investigate the presence of the material as well as pitting to establish the presence of relic structures and to locate a mineshaft.   Following the identification of the galigu material, Portland and the Ground Investigation Specialist entered into discussions with the Local Authority Contaminated Land Officer to devise a strategy that would be acceptable to the CLA and also allow planning permission to be granted for the development.

A detailed remediation strategy was agreed that the material was dealt with appropriately by allowing the material to be encapsulated and retained on site.

Earthworks modelling to enable the quantities to be incorporated in the bulk earthworks calculations was undertaken, allowing a balanced cut/fill to be achieved.

Portland also worked with the agents to ensure the marketability was optimised by designing steel structures with clear spans of up to 55m


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