AirView Park

Project Summary

Construction of Phase 2 B & C of an overall commercial office development comprising of 5 phases in total.

Commercial office development with close links to Newcastle International Airport which already accommodates the main head office of Barratt Homes NE.  The second phase is for 2 separate steel frame buildings of 2 storeys with a total floor area of 20000sqft.  These are served by an access road and car parking with surrounding landscaping and SuDS features.

Our Approach

To design and detail the civil and structural requirements in line with client requirements and regulations to suit the commercial end user and surrounding constraints.

Support was provided through initial feasibility, planning, tender and construction for the civil and structural engineering works.  This included:

  • Design of a surface water system including sufficient attenuation and SuDS designs approved by Newcastle City Council LLFA & Northumbrian Water
  • The buildings are both steel frame structures with internal concrete floors all designed to suit end users and required regulations.
  • Foundations were designed following receipt of site investigations with shallow formations encountered.
  • Surface water drainage designs.  The design of the attenuation and treatment facilities for Phase 2 and future phases needed careful consideration due to space within the remaining development being at a premium
  • A basin was designed that would provide the attenuation and surface water treatment required for Phase 2 A and B initially.  This basin would then be used to provide an element of the surface water treatment required for Phase 2 C, D and E with the only adjustments needed being the replacement of the downstream flow controls, attenuation being added to the system in the form of below ground attenuation tanks.


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