Portland Install Defibrillator and EV Charger

Portland have recently installed two new pieces of equipment at our Gateshead based design office which will make it a safer and greener place to work. 

Outside our office front door we have installed a defibrillator and are due to undergo in house training on its’ correct use.  Take up on this has been outstanding with 10 of our 17 strong team signing up to undergo this lifesaving training scheme.  We hope we never require the use of the defibrillator or the associated training of course, but we are committed to ensuring the safety of all staff and visitors. 

Another commitment we’ve made at Portland is to ensure that we operate in a sustainable, carbon neutral manner.  We have increased our efforts to become a carbon neutral business through the installation of an Electric Vehicle charging station outside the office.  This comes at the same time as a new company policy stating that all company cars must be either fully electric or at least a hybrid vehicle.  Part of our drive to encourage staff to use more sustainable methods of transport to travel to the office or to sites.