Portland Office Refurbishment

Portland Consulting Engineers is pleased to showcase our stylish new-look Gateshead-based design office, all decked out in lovely Portland green!

When considering the redesign, we wanted to create a more spacious open plan look to help facilitate greater collaboration between our teams.  We ordered staff brand new desks and office chairs to create more comfortable workspaces. Additionally, we have installed an air conditioning system to maintain a comfortable office environment all year round. 

Our redesigned office now contains a meeting booth, providing our engineers with a second dedicated space for meetings alongside the conference room.  The new meeting booth offers our engineers a quiet, comfortable space within the design office to attend virtual meetings with clients or to hold meetings with each other when the conference room is in use. 

In keeping with our commitment to operating in a more sustainable manner we are in the process of installing more environmentally friendly LED lighting throughout the entire building.